Monday, 25 January 2016

Game 7 - The Battle of Tabrim - After Action Report

Rumours of a rebel attack on the Government "facility" at Tabrim were rife, ever since the small coastal village was fenced off and the villagers ejected, as the government and its new oil friends set up residency, and their contract security forces moved in.

Additional Government forces were sent to re-supply the small existing security team as an escalation of local "interest" was expected. Led by a police escort the convoy slowed down to a crawl at the main Tabrim crossroads. Suddenly, several civilians appeared, from the so called evacuated village, and ran screaming native insults into the road alongside the vehicles as the convoy slowed to a stop.

The current shift of Contract Security, mostly ex members of the British SAS, sat watching behind sandbags on top of the roof of the Training House. The defenders on the roof manned two MGs, a medium mortar was in support between the back of the house and wadi, and on the outskirts of the village, near an old fort, at an old 25 pounder field gun was operated by two contractors. A very small, but very heavily armed and well trained team. 

The security force watched intently as the convoy slowed, then stopped, and just as the first trooper jumped out of the truck...

...a series of huge fireballs lit up the coastal road. The team watched in amazed silence as the reinforcing convoy erupted in flames that engulfed every vehicle sent to aid them. They were on their own...

Out of the smoke and chaos stepped several dozen black clad Vampyri, with their AKs glistening in the early morning sun. Cries could be heard in the distance as several of them disappeared again. The ones that remained moved rapidly along the barbed wire fence, towards the gun.

The GPMG on the Training House roof opened up on the rebels moving towards the 25 pounder, stopping them in their tracks. Rebel mortar rounds came in, and defensive mortar fire went out, and the pit took heavy fire. But it was not silenced, in fact it also dished out some of its own fire in return. The advancing rebels took heavy casualties and were now pinned, unable to move forward any further...

More Vampyri appeared at the wadi, and moved on the gun from the opposite side. They also moved towards the Training House firing a mix of small arms and heavy weapons. Fire was of course aggressively returned, but the more meaningful fire was from that of the security force, which dished out both heavy and accurate fire down on the encircling Vampyri.

The gun pit was hit yet again, harder this time and the Vampri moved closer.

More rebels appeared further down the wadi, doubling their numbers near the Training House. This time moving quickly down towards the security force who braced themselves for a full on assault. More very accurate MG fire put pay to that idea.

The attacks on the gun were now relentless, but the deadly fire from the security forces on the rooftop ensured that the rebels were not going to get to the pit. Not this day! Intense 7.62mm and .50 cal fire relentlessly chewed away at the advancing black clothed attackers.

More rebel mortar fire came down on the security force, who were now under attack from all angles. The Training House, reinforced though it was, caught fire and its occupants quickly relocated outside, but immediately set up the two MGs and kept up the defensive fire on the encircling rebels who were getting closer and closer...

Smoke continued to spill out of the burning Training House but the MGs continued to spit their death at the rebels in the wadi. Between bursts of gunfire jets could faintly be heard in the distance...

In the blink of an eye, Ukrovian ground attack jets roared over the battlefield to aid the defenders. However, perhaps assuming that the gun had fallen to the rebels due to the vast number of Vampyri surrounding the gun, the jets opened up on the 25 pounder's position. Destroying the gun, and injuring its crew, somehow the defenders at the gun pit managed to continued to defend the position from the rebels who were now very nearly on top of them,

Vampyri reinforcements now appeared near the crossroads and opened up on the foreigners outside the burning house, as one more member of the security force was injured. The rebels attempted to cross the barbed wire and advance towards the defenders.

The defending mortar was firing almost none-stop with both defensive fire and employing counter battery fire to silence the rebels mortars.

The GPMG team now relocated to the front of the house, to both check on the casualty and to also provide a clearer firing position to the new threat moving on the front of the houset. The GPMG managed to stop the assault at the barbed wire, but the security force took a lot of firepower in return, including fire from a heavy machine gun on one of the convoy vehicles. This newly manned HMG could now cause a problem for the weakening security force...

But this new problem didn't last very long as the attack jets returned for another pass, and quickly destroyed the BRDM and its captured HMG and instantly thinned out the Vampyri rebels at the front of the Training House.

Surprisingly the injured crew at the gun pit was still managing to defend itself and fend off the rebel attacks, which were now becoming less frequent and potent.

The GPMG team silenced the remaining Vampyri near the convoy and an eerie silence fell over the village as all fire now ceased, and no more black clad rebels could be seen, anywhere. The smoke cleared and the devastation was clear for all to see - a hundred or so dead rebels and a battered and exhausted, but very much alive SAS trained security force, who had very much earned their wages this day in Ukrovia.

On the hills in the distance a rebel raised his AK and yelled something indistinguishable over the carnage. A salute to the defenders perhaps, or a promise to avenge their fallen brothers on another day. The defenders had the feeling they would soon find out if they stayed in this country for much longer...

RESULT: Contractor Security Victory

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  1. Those infidel dogs, hiding behind their walls and sandbags. The Vampyri will have their revenge on those foreign devils and their government lackeys.

    Nice AAR and great game.

    Thanks, Andy