Sunday, 16 September 2012

Trouble around the oil rich town of Shelkanitza:

Eastern Forces
- A large Ukrovian Socialist Army (SA) battlegroup has delpoyed south of Shelkanitza, near the small village of Koblitzi. (Tom)
- Elements of the elite Ukrovian Socialist Guard (SG) are moving West to reinforce their fellow Eastern Forces. (SteveW)
Western Forces
- Ukrovian United Army (UA) forces, defending Shelkanitza are digging in, bracing for an attack. (Paul)
News Reports
- An independent News Team with United Army HQ (UA) in Shelkanitza has just reported that UA front-line command have spotted Socialist recce vehicles within several miles of their position. UA have just requested air and artillery support to be at immediate standby.
- A Reuters news team discovered at a forward base filming UD Apache helicopter gunships, and A10 ground attack jets, have been told that the"refuelling and arms refitting is part of a current exercise only". Black Hawk utility helicopters were filmed being manned/leaving 2 hours ago. (Daf)
- French United Nations troops are calling for both sides to halt any advances and for all forces to adhere to the UN ceasefire, whilst high level talks are continuing in Geneva.
Misc Reports
Forward Airfield, South of Kivski - A video has appeared on Youtube, of what looks like a dozen or so UX Spec Ops troops, manning and then taking off in a Black Hercules transport, which headed due South with fighter support. (Mike).
Video has subsequently been removed and a small explosion and "fatal car accident" have been reported 5 miles East of the airfield.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

For info:

Ukrovia Conflict - Forces List

United States of Ukrovia (USU) Forces

The United Army (UA)- Large Mid Tech  Conscript
Mostly existing Russian Equipment
Uniforms & Equipment: Cammo

The United Defence Force (UD)- Small (but growing)  High Tech  Professional
Mostly purchased American Equipment
Uniforms & Equipment: Desert & Cammo

UX (The UX / Shadows / Black Jackets) Covert Actions & Internal Affairs. Small, Very High Tech
Mostly purchased American high level Equipment
Uniforms & Equipment – Mainly black / Cammo / Custom



The Socialist Army (SA)- Large Low-Mid Tech  Conscript
Mostly existing older Russian Equipment (T-64/72, BMP1, etc)
Uniforms & Equipment: Green

The Socialist Guard (SG)- Medium Mid-High Tech Professional
Existing (and newly “procured”) Russian Equipment (T-90, BMP-3, etc)
Uniforms & Equipment: Green

The Vampyri – Partisans (Vampires) Freedom Fighters!
or Terrorists to the USU/West


NEUTRAL (Other players)

France - United Nations
Diplomatic detachment / includes French Foreign Legion

Minimal forces protecting "interests" in the region

Minimal forces, protecting their "interests" in the region

Increasing number of forces - "border dispute" defence force