Friday, 11 April 2014

20mm Forces

Last night the lads and I decided to bring most of our 20mm vehicles to our club to see roughly what we had available for a large (ok VERY large) 20mm game.

A few pics were taken (but this excludes quite a few vehicles)

I will add my stuff to a spreadsheet - but it could be an idea for us all to update it with our own bits, so we have a master list. We have a LOT more than I thought, but the general opinion was we need a lot more Russian made stuff to counter the vast number of NATO stuff!

I will add 3 more BMP-3s and maybe if I see 6 cheap BMP-1s knocking around.... but the next job is to concentrate on everyones 6mm forces, of which there are TONNES!

After seeing Mike's 20mm aircraft, which he can probably do some air forces at 1:1 numbers, we perhaps better not even mention any other scales as I don't think the club has that many tables!

Next BIG 20mm game
Ukrovia - Western Forces Beach Assault/Air Lannding supporting Armoured Company vs Eastern Defence force spread ALL over the table.
Table T-Shape, with village on one side of the T and hills/plains on the other side
Perhaps about 8 to 12 foot long, possibly 18 foot (3 tables at the widest point). Eeek!