Friday, 28 November 2014

Game 11 - After Action Report - Did You Remember To Close The Back Door, Comrade?

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Hive Mind: Lightning reports all systems are go

Titanic: Was wet, now dry, eta for standby, 2 minutes...

Fallen Angel: All marks reported in, moving to position, eta 1 minute.

Candyman 1: All teams good to go. Slammer 1 and Satan 1 on the way, eta 90 seconds. Go on splash.

Titanic: Vang Gogh and Picasso are now at altitude. We can see your wife and Boris from here, Candyman, Now in position and good to go. Visual on cargo. Waiting for splash ladies. Break a leg guys...

Candyman: Keep the chatter down Titanic. If I disturb the wife, I'm done for...

Thunder: 81 FRAG, ON THE WAY!

Picasso: Zebra has green paint job - Slamming imminent.

Candyman 2: AT-4 only scratched the paint. I thought you said they were T-55s!

Mama 1: Mama 2 this is Mama 1, straight in and straight out in case you had any doubts! Keep bending and swerving and watch for snipers!

Ian's Socialist infantry take heavy GPMG fire from Ripper

Titanic: Got your back, Candyman, fall back - good to go with claymore.

Slammer 2 Splash

Mama: This is Mama 1, we have the Cargo. On way to Natalia. Mama 2 down, sisters left behind. Get ready to assemble, eta 10 minutes.

The game started with Western forces finding the Easterners a bit tough to crack. Mike, Tom and Paul were hammering away, but Andy's tough Guards were defending strongly (Steve would not accept anything less of anyone controlling his nutter Guards).

Ian was getting reinforcements but back away from the action, and with GPMG and sniper cross-fire was taking a lot of incoming. The game was looking like an Eastern win, until DaveR's arrival, taking control of his own frogmen and the Predator's targeting systems. With a few devastating salvos called in by the UX Spec Ops, hitting their targets, the dark troopers fell back and melted away after receiving very strange orders from Hive Mind.... 

"New orders in.... Overriding Priority 1 and 2 - Let them have the cargo, repeat let THEM have the cargo. They have plans for it that may just benefit us. Intel later. Sounds like two shades of blue getting itimate to me"...."now go take those big guns out, Candyman, you're already late for that other party!"

"Fallen Angel, break your teams from Candyman and go find out what's happened to Thunder. Something's not right - report back as soon as you can."

"By the way, good work gentlemen. Brood Lord's armoured recon owes you one."

"SECURE - HM/LOCAL - "Oh, and next time, Titanic, after you have painted a target, and missiles aren't yet locked, if you forget to switch your designator off, try not to point it at your own team, I thought you were a gonner when Satan 3 hit your position. We wont mention that to Hive Homeworld though. Now get going, looks like its all going to hit the fan very soon..."

to be continued...

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