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Game 04 - You Can Run...

(contined from Game 3)

Western UX Spec Ops, after hitting an Eastern command base now attempt to escape, but are followed by a very large local militia persuit force, who eventually catch up to them high in the mountains, near a river gorge.

However the UX troops quickly set up a deadly permited defence, complete with claymore mines and fight a deadly retreat, holding back waves of milita forces, enabling several UX operatives to escape. The UX fight valiantly, but are surrounded by vast numbers and they eventaully take casualties, and not all members manage to escape.

The Eastern Forces claim a major victory (effecively a minor victory as far as the campaign is concerned).

The UX troops watch on from the hidden trees and vow to avenge their fallen comrades. They gather their equipment and set off towards Hell's Highway, where UX intel, has just reported an Eastern supply convoy believed to be attempting to equip an artillery battery, lurking in the mountains, assuming to be prepping to supprt the main armoured advance.

Outcome = Eastern Minor Victory
Who do we blame? Claymore Mine effectiveness, but lots and LOTS of reinforcements proved to be just too much for the brave elite UX troopers...

Debrief - Sergeant Casperov ****** **** ***** ****** ** ** **

Captain Pavel Ivanski had led a text book attack upon the compound destroying the vehicle around it and calling in mortars from the support unit commanded by Major Yackov Mickovski to knock out the antennas and communications relay site. It had then all gone wrong; heavy armour had turned up forcing our assault section to exfiltrate away from its pre planned route.

We had been pushed well through the night by the pursuing force, when we reached the gully joining the two rivers. Pavel made a decision to stay with a holding force and let the rest of the unit try to reach the rally point with our support unit.

It was still dark when the first claymores were set off, holding back the first wave of troops. Suddenly they attacked from the right flank, but fortunately we had positioned a claymore out that way and it gave us just enough edge to stall their attack and get down to the river. That is where we lost ***** *******(1)

It was as we were starting our withdrawal that I first heard the sounds of vehicles moving up the river bed. Third squad (2) with their injured were caught out in the open as the enemy just ran at them firing indiscriminately, possibly even hitting their own men. Three times in as many minutes third squad were attacked, they were down to their sidearms when captain Ivanski made the decision that they had to be left behind or we would all be lost. Running into the Pre dawn we managed to disengage from the pursuit force. 

In the later debrief it was estimated that we had faced over 100 enemy soldiers , the fact that we knew we had wounded even possibly killed well over a quarter of them did nothing to raise our spirits over the loss of our five comrades.


Extract from Sergeant Casperovs debrief. *** **** ****

Reference master document for information (1) (2)
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Game 03 - Halt, Who Goes There?

Western UX Spec Ops, recovering from their attack on the Missile Launchers move deeper into enemy territory to attack an Eastern Forward Command Post, reported to be commanded by several high ranking officers utilising advanced satellite communication systems to hopefully give the large tank formations massing on the border a strategic advantage.

The UX attack with devastating results, causing major damage and disruption, then escaping quickly, in the nick of time whilst under heavy persuit from the command base forces. armoured reinforcements and local militia groups.

Game Commences:

UX Special Forces stealthily move up to the Western Command Base.

The UX opens up with the ATGW instantly taking out the main battle tank.

UX Artillery Support zero in the antenna farm.

Mortar rounds fall on the parked vehicles destroying a BTR and a truck, and damages antother truck and also immobilising the 4x4.

LAW rockets take out a second BTR and the ZSU 23-4 AA tank advances.

Troops in the open are caused to fall back.

The ZSU moves around the corner to attempt to pin the Special Forces.

Turn 2.
UX Trops hold ground

More mortar rounds land on antenna farm causing minor damage

Turn 3.
A BTR attempts to leave the area, but gets caught up on a reinforced high wall
Another BTR is destroyed, and more units becme embroiled in fire fight.

UX operative start to pull back.

Lots of overwatch causes heavy casualties.

Mortar rounds keep raining down on the antenna farm.

The antenna farm is finally destroyed as UX troops now attempt to exfiltrate the carnage...

Eastern troop reinforcements persue the Spec Ops into the woods...

Outcome = Western Victory (minor) - Caused a decent amount of devastation, and escaped. They could have perhaps caused more damage and killed/captured some of the high level officers.

Who do we blame? VERY Effective Artillery Support, and solid Hit and Run tactics! From a defensive point of view, there was not much that could be done to prevent the damage, but the defending force did manage to get into a descent persuit position despite being under heavy fire.