Thursday, 20 March 2014

Game 09 - Supply & Demand

Somewhere on a quiet Ukrovian expressway, Eastern supply trucks carrying unidentified special weapons are heading to the border to aid the imminent push on Western forces.

Suddenly hidden UX Special Forces detonate explosives, halting the lead vehicle. They then open up causing instant casualties.

The explosion causes two civilian cars to crash, and their passengers get out amidst the firing.

Further elements of the UX open up with machine guns and small arms fire.

The Western forces are pinned down and start to take heavy casualties, returning large volumes of fire but having no affect on the highly trained specialists.

The "Special Weapon Inspection" team, moves forward towards the truck, under heavy cover fire from UX troops on the surrouding rooftops, they struggle over the rocky ground, but slowly make their way to inspect the cargo.

A civilian (and a few goats) are killed in the cross-fire, and the other civilians flee in terror.

The Inspection Team, makes it to the lead truck, and a melee unfolds but the Inspection Team, manages to identify the weapon being transported as a U.S. MOAB - they quickly disable the firing system and set another timed* explosive in the truck. They then retreat back to the village.

A nearby Sniper Team sets up just over the hill near the road bend and opens fire...

As UX troops melt away, an old classic car comes hurtling down the road, straight through an open gate, clipping walls and smashing into the courtyard near the UX MG team which is currently providing covering fire.

The MG team, hearing the mayhem, relocates their MG to the other corner of the roof, and opens up with devastating effect on the already stunned passengers.

The Western supply convoy has been halted and its deadly cargo destroyed*. Its small remaining force gathers to await reinforcements from the heavily armed Guardsof the 1st Division, that are seen in the distances. The Easterners spot the last of the UX troops vanishing off into the distance.

The remaining UX troops head towards the other half of their attack force, who are presently setting up an ambushg on 3 Western artillery guns which have just set up in support of the main Western armoured attack which is just about to commence...

*additional information received:
Explosion has not been confirmed (heard/spotted by feet on ground or aerial) - must assume failure to detonate.


Players' note:
We played this game using the Force on Force Scenario "Prince of Persia 4" from the Classified book, but we found that there were quite a few grey areas which unfortunately affected the game and cause a bit of discussion. This was mainly involving the type of ground, the trucks being able (or not) to go off-road, the distance between the Inspectors and the back of the truck (or nearest defender), etc. It was a good scenario but the book needs a few corrections. Because of which, we won't add any points to The Player Scores but we are still going to include this game in the campaign story as it was a good game. However, if we play it again, we will have to establish certain points in the game, with both sides, before it begins.

Now where are the rest of those elusive UX troops lurking????