Saturday, 20 October 2012

Game 01 - Briefing - "Just another Scud Hunt?"

Game - Force on Force / @ 20mm
Players: SteveW & Tom vs Mike
GM: Dave/Mike
Outcome: Outcome of game will directly affect Game 02 (Paul & Daf vs Steve & Tom) & Game (03) Mike vs John/SteveB

All out civil war is unfortunately looking imminent. Eastern Socialist & Western United Forces are massing at the borders and military and political muscles are being flexed. Deep in the forests, South of Kivski a convoy disguised as a basic Socialist supply convoy, heads West, with no heavy guard, nor support - however, this harmless looking supply train takes with it 2 missiles of unknown type and unknown origin....

Deep in the forest, at a hidden forward command base, lightly protected by elements of the Socialist Army, Quartermaster Boris "Baggage" Bagdanovic secures his lines and prepares to welcome his new visitors, and their unknown cargo, and to be relieved by Major Skudovski and his "Special Missile Division".

On the road, in the centre of the convoy, civilian operatives Bodieovski and Doyleov in their classic Ford Capri, inconspicuously (*cough*) transport their cargo; two mysterious, suited gentlemen, cradling various documents and computer equipment, like their lives depended on it.

Meanwhile... 50,000 feet above the very same forest, 2 Eastern bound stealth fighters and a black ops Hercules transport releases its very own, more subtle cargo, then gracefully turns around and heads back West, over the border...

Map & General Gaming Info

Tom's Brief

SteveW's Brief

Mike's Brief

Thanks to Mike for helping me with this...