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Game 7 - The Battle of Tabrim - Briefing

1972 - A Historical Action
Tabrim Oil Survey - Security Team/Vampyri Skirmish

8th July 1972
- The barren, dusty, village of Tabrim
- South East of the Capital Kivski, on the banks of the Dnieperov River.
- The number of oil surveys around the Central Ukrovian area has greatly increased recently.
- Currently 27 oil survey teams are now established within a 100 mile radius of Kivski alone.
All Surveys are run by independent Contractors from around the globe, mostly US and British
Teams working closely with the Government, with rumours of a massive discovery on the horizon.

Huge Oil Discovery at Tabrim
Extensive deep ground surveys report massive oil deposits near the ancient village of Tabrim, which is understood to be the birthplace of the founding fathers of the "Ukrovian Free Peoples Movement" an independent and borderless society, reportedly dating back to early Kossack times.

The Free Peoples and many villagers sympathetic to their beliefs are believed to number in the tens of thousands, dotted around Ukrovia and several bordering countries, many of whom regard Tabrim as sacred.

The "Free Peoples" consist of mainly large groups of travellers, or small tribal villages, mainly off the beaten track away from modern life. They have a small but negligible armed political wing throughout, that has been held accountable for various militant actions in various countries over the years. The recent interest in their "home" and sacred village, has led to rumours of this hardline section evolving into a more desperate force, that some are calling The Vampyri, with their dark and secretive nature and extreme beliefs.

Local Issues / Evacuation On the 10th July, the entire village was suddenly evacuated, after a “localised gas scare" caused by a "tectonic rupture" with a release of large volumes of methane into the surrounding area. This meant residents had to be relocated to the town of Essovia, 20 miles South of Tabrim. A cover up was quickly suspected after dozens of drilling vehicles and equipment were constantly sent to the area, with few gas/incident vehicles sent, and shortly after, fences and barbed wire was erected encircling the permiter.

Most Tabrim residents are not on the electoral register and therefore could not be evicted or hit with a compulsory land purchase order to relocate them, so politicians drew up a compensation plan for the locals’ loss of home. However, the majority of them, and especially their very vocal leaders were understandably angry with the situation, and it is believed that elders are planning demonstrations and possibly a march towards the village in the new few days or weeks.

Tabrim has now been declared a no-go zone and locals have been informed that they can only return when told it is safe to do so, when supervised by government forces, and only in small groups at a time. This, of course, has not gone down well.

The area around Tabrim is now under military protection, with a platoon of troops and police controlling the area. The oil survey team, equipment and offices are protected by a contingent of 20 British security operatives in two shifts. Government troop support is about to be increased. over...

Message to British Security Team at Tabrim - Survey Team 22 Alpha
One Week Later - 16th July 1972
- All has gone reasonably to plan with limited civil unrest reported after the initial problems.
- We estimate that you could soon reduce your survey protection team from 20 to a 10 as we will soon be taking full control of the area, with another platoon of Government troops being prepared.
- A Russian advisory team will be heading over with two of our men, they will assume full command of the operation. Give them your full support.

th July 1972 : 0700 hours
- Listen up. A relief Company of Government Troops are heading your way to help bolster your defence.
- Arrange for your B Shift team to immediately meet them at the crossroads at 0800. On the dot!
- A Police guard will escort B Shift back to Kivski.
- Your remaining 10 man contract security team are to remain on site and protect the Survey facility.
- There is a high category storm heading your way, so keep your heads down.

- Radio in when our troops arrive. Until then, stay frosty and alert.
- Over and... wait a minute. I'm just getting some information in...
- Reports of Vampyri militia moving towards the area. Vampyri are in your area.
- Pull the troops back! Repeat, pull the...............
[contact lost]

You see a huge explosion at the crossroads and a long line of armed locals slowly appear on the horizon....

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