Thursday, 11 September 2014

Red Hawk Down

Mission Background
Western Ukrovian air mobile troops from the free Ukrovian Defence Force were sent to secure the border village of Shawcanov ahead of imminent contact with Eastern Armoured divisions. Rebels from the Vampyri are reported to be springing up from various Western districts and are causing havoc throughout Western Ukrovia with nearby rebels managing to bring a Western chopper down, as it lands close to the village's main road. The Vampyri rebels are moving in to finish off the job, but the remaining chopper crew are putting up a strong defence around the downed craft, as they wait for the rest of their air mobile company to  move up to support them.

1. The chopper comes down at the Main Road/Wadi junction.

2. The smoke clears...

3. Western Defence Force troops set up a defensive perimiter around the chopper.

4. Movement is heard in the north.

5. Vampyri forces are spotted appearing from the rooftops...

6. Western Defence Force troops move in from the South.

7. Vampyri reinforcements move silently through the wadi towards the chopper.

8. A Vampyri technical opens fire with its HMG as it hurtles towards the downed craft.

9. Defence Force troops open up and silence the HMG.

10. Western Reinforcements lead the advance and head towards the chopper. 

11. Vampyri fire pins down Western Forces, but the Defence Force's higher training and better weapons pays off, as Vampyri rebels take heavy casualties and their sporadic fire dies down...

12. The Vampryi in the wadi creep closer and closer towards the downed crew and are just about to move in when...

13. A Western attack jet buzzes low over the chopper at high speed.

14. The Vampryi cower in the Wadi, then melt away, terrified by the deafening devil screaming past at low level.

15. Western troops finally reach the downed chopper.

16. The Vampyri take more casualties on the rooftops, but they hold their ground. Another HMG armed technical races towards the chopper, to add further woes to the Western commander. However, their persistent light gunfire manages to inflict minor casualties on the advancing Defence Force troops caught in the open.

17. Western forces, although held back, manage to secure a strong base of fire on the village outskirts.

18. The slowly advancing troops take more fire, halting their advance on the village.

19. More low flying attack runs and a gradual advance of troops causes the Vampyri to rethink its attempt to take the chopper, and their forces start to leave the area.

20. Western troops manage to move up further and start securing the chopper and now move on the wadi.

21. Defence forces finally secure the chopper and move into the village, but the Vampyri have done their job - causing havoc and casualties on their ancient land's enemy. They disappear once again...

The Protagonists

Ian - Western Ukrovia (Defence Force)
Decent tactics and a steady advance, but a tough mission...

Andy - Eastern Ukrovian (Vampyri Rebels)
Volume of fire, no matter how small, paid dividends; in the right places at the right time.
With the aid of another Vampyri ally advancing on the chopper crew, the main rooftop rebels managed to cause enough damage and disruption to achieve a minor victory...

A Minor Victory (2 points) to the Vampyri rebels (Eastern), mainly by way of inflicting minor casualties and delaying an advance by Defence Force troops (Western).

Follow Up
After taking the village, the Western Air Mobile forces set up a hasty defensive position. Now secure, a company of Defence Force heavy amour moves in to bolster the village's defence, just as Eastern armour is seen heading its way on the horizon...

Game 13: The Red Bastogne (Cold War Commander, 6mm)

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